Apexhelps is a site used to help all people in the Bay Area locate relevant social services to assist them in whatever situation they are encountering. In addition, the site helps people find volunteer opportunities.  A common issue that face many people is that they’re unaware of the vast amount of services and non-profits that are suited to specifically help with their current issues. Apexhelps hopes to bridge that divide by providing residents with a comprehensive and easily searchable directory of social services. In addition, the site wants to help people find causes to support.

“After struggling to stay afloat, I knew I was in need in some form of assistance, but I had no idea that there were services specifically designed to help with my current situation”

After working with a variety of non-profits, this is a common sentiment we’ve heard from many disadvantaged people. The problem is that most services don’t receive enough funding to properly advertise their services, meaning that many people aren’t aware of their existence, leading to a decrease in funding for these services as less people are using them. This vicious cycle is exactly what we hope to eradicate. By creating and funding a centralized directory of services, we help both the people who are requiring assistance and the non-profits who wish to reach out to as many people as they can.